About Me
I want her.....I need her.... You know you hear me...I can taste it in your tears...holding my last breath save inside myself...I`m the light living for you,so you can`t hide...
Who I'd Like to Meet
A heart is not a plaything. A heart is not a toy. But if u want yours broken just give it to a boy. Boys they like to play with things to see what makes them run. But when it comes to kissing they do it just for fun. They never give their hearts away. They play us girls for fools. They wait until we give our hearts. And then they play it cool. You will wonder where he is at night. You will wonder if he is true. One minute u will be happy. One minute u will be blue. So to fall in love with a boy, That takes a lot of nerve. You see my friend u need a man, To get what u deserve.
in me
in me
in me
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